Rubén Fernández Aguirre


Recital con el tenor José Manuel Zapata en la Sala María Cristina de Málaga


"Ruben Fernandez Aguirre played the piano very well, as expected, and 'enriched' Gardel's tangos in the style of the tenor from Granada (...) From the exquisite Schubert to the vibrant Andalusian copla. A satisfied audience pleased with what they heard rewarded the performers with much applause and many bravos.
Manuel del Campo (Diario Sur)

Recital con la soprano María Bayo en el Auditorio Nacional de Madrid


"The pianist excelled, showing that he is cut from the same mould as Moore and Johnson. A rich sound, truly masterful phrasing, a variety of exquisite imaginative sonority and a very attentive ear to the singer complete this brief portrait.
Blas Matamoro (Magazine Scherzo, September)

Recital con la mezzo Nancy Fabiola Herrera en el Ciclo de Lied del Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid


At her side she had an ally in the extraordinary pianist Rubén Fernández-Aguirre, at all times attentive to the needs of the singer, adding freshness and creativity.
Juan Ángel Vela del Campo (El País)
She was accompanied by the impeccable collaboration of the subtle, attentive and obliging piano of Fernández-Aguirre.
Arturo Reverter (La Razón)
The piano player also proved his worth and was second to none. He is an instrumentalist of opulent sound, capable of exquisite harmonic deliquescence, uninhibited songs and popular party pieces when the left hand marks the rhythm of a dance. A good mistress makes a chevalier servant.
Blas Matamoro (Scherzo Magazine, September)

Recital con el tenor José Manuel Zapata en el Palau de la Música de Valencia


The singer was accompanied by the invaluable work of Rubén Fernández-Aguirre, who has become, on his own merit, a great pianist for Spanish singers. His flexibility in styles and solid technique stand out and his knowledge of repertoire radiates in every note.
César Rus (Las Provincias)

Recital con la soprano Mariola Cantarero en el Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao


The pianist Ruben Fernandez Aguirre, winner of the OPERA ACTUAL 2010 Award, played an important role in the recital and formed a unique duo with the soprano. Warmth, feeling and expressive force were qualities that were heard in the Arriaga. The versatility of these artists is a testament to their greatness.
Teresa Albero (Magazine Ópera Actual, April)

Recital con el tenor Celso Albelo en el Festival de Música de Canarias


The pianist Ruben Fernandez Aguirre was excellent, as usual. He is a safe bet because of his demanding pianism and understanding of singing and voices that unfolds in each musical piece.
G. García-Alcalde (La Provincia)
The accompaniment of Ruben Fernandez Aguirre, stylish and with perfect understanding of the performer from Tenerife, helped round off an interesting evening.
(Ópera Actual Magazine, March)

Recital con la soprano Ainhoa Arteta en el Festival Internacional de Ciutadella (Menorca)


Special mention is due to the work of pianist Ruben Fernandez Aguirre, true co-star of the evening, who showed his mastery in performing this committed accompaniment. Visibly clear the symbiosis between voice and piano, Fernandez was the perfect complement, the accomplice who provides security to the soloist who, when at the edge of the precipice, knows that there is a safety net. More than an accompaniment, he was a great artist, moving with elegance and sobriety.
Ruben Fernandez Aguirre had his own moment of glory when he played Astor Piazzola's Verano porteño. Fernandez revived the powerful sonorous body, whose beats change from dynamic to fading extremes, from the most complex polyphony to a pathetic cry of loneliness, with vitality and energy. Meticulous in performance, highlighting the variety of colours and nuances of the work, incomparable in the most committed passages - the syncopated rhythms spring to mind- and easy on the use of the pedal. A rare concert.
Gabriel Julià (Diari de Menorca)

Recital con la soprano Mariella Devia y el tenor Celso Albelo en el Xacobeo Classics en Pontevedra


Two young OPERA ACTUAL Award winners (2008 and 2010) escorted the stellar Mariella Devia in the capital of the Lérez at the invitation of Xacobeo Classics ... Fernandez Aguirre enjoyed together with the audience a contagious euphoria worthy of applause.
Carmelo Arribas (Ópera Actual Magazine, September)

Estreno en Europa de la ópera de cámara “L´isola disabitata” de Manuel García en el Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao


The best of the opera is Rubén Fernández Aguirre conducting from the piano. This superb pianist thoroughly knows the world of opera, not only as a piano accompanist of prestigious singers, but also because of his vast experience as a rehearsal accompanist. If as a pianist he had a flawless and brilliant performance, as a conductor he succeeded in delivering a musical version full of lightness, as can be expected from a contemporary opera by Rossini.
José M. Irurzun (

Recital con la mezzo Nancy Fabiola Herrera en el Teatro Circo de Albacete


Two exceptionally outstanding artists got together to deliver a beautiful and intelligent programme (...) Not only did the pianist form a perfect symbiosis with the voice of the mezzo in a marvel of technique and inspiration in the operettas, also in the opera encores he showed he had a whole orchestra in his fingers.
Francisco García-Rosado (Ópera Actual Magazine, October)

Recital Homenaje a Alfredo Kraus con el tenor Ismael Jordi en el Teatro Villamarta de Jerez


To end the night, Jordi was accompanied by another great artist. Ruben Fernandez Aguirre is much more than a mere accompanist. He is, above all, a great musician capable of guiding singers in how to approach each piece and each passage. And as a pianist he excels in a meticulous performance, the wealth of nuances of his performance (the syncopated rhythms, for example, were perfect) and the colourful play he achieves with the piano in, for example, the pieces of Turina or Ginastera. A spontaneous spectator summed it up perfectly: Olé good pianists!
Andrés Moreno-Mengíbar (Diario de Jerez)

Recital con los tenores Ismael Jordi y José Manuel Zapata en el Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla


"Ruben Fernandez Aguirre was much more than a mere accompanist: he was a whole orchestra capable of creating sounds and masterfully recreating the scores. A trio of aces.
Francisco García-Rosado (Ópera Actual Magazine, December)

Recital con la soprano Ainhoa Arteta y el tenor Ismael Jordi en el Festival Cueva de Nerja


Full praise for this great pianist Rubén F. Aguirre, collaborator of the best singers, in perfect mutual understanding with the voices and ever sure - attentive to all eventualities - with ample expressiveness and technical means.
Manuel del Campo (Diario Sur)

Recital con la soprano Ainhoa Arteta en el Teatro Villa de Molina de Segura (Murcia)


An impeccable Ruben Fernandez Aguirre. With sensitive musicality, with a wide and suggestive range of nuances, receptive, involved and in harmony, he carried the singer on wings, he stamped his own style, and everything in the right proportion, in his place, without putting himself in the limelight. He did as well as any of the great Spanish or foreign accompanists. He, decisively, made the concert a success from which the audience who filled the theatre left enthusiastically.
Enrique Bonmatí (La Opinión de Murcia)

Entrevista al barítono Carlos Álvarez por Ofelia Roca en la revista La Porta Clàssica


"- Do you like combining performing opera repertoir with piano recitals? 

- Yes. One of the reasons I like doing it is that I have a great time with the pianist I work, Ruben Fernandez Aguirre, who I think is one of the best piano accompanists worldwide at the moment. This work is very satisfying and I also believe that it forces me to have a form of singing that with the expansion of operatic singing is sometimes lost.

Recital con la soprano Isabel Monar, la mezzo Marina Rodríguez-Cusí y el barítono David Menéndez en la Quincena Musical Donostiarra


Rubén Fernández Aguirre was the ideal concert pianist who makes, from the difficulty of serious and profound work, everything flow in a most pleasant manner and with whom singers noticeably feel at ease.
EMECE (Diario Vasco)

Recital con la soprano Ainhoa Arteta en el Auditorio de León


It is fair to split part of the success between the phenomenal pianist accompanist Rubén Fernández Aguirre, who was the perfect complement to the soprano, with an ever correct sound, full of nuances which sculpted around the singer all the sound support making the performance truly evocative. The two pieces he played solo showed a full-bodied pianist with a promising future.
Julio M. Alexandre (El Mundo/La Crónica de León)

Recital con la soprano Ainhoa Arteta en Palacio de la Cultura de Argel (Argelia)


"Accompanied by pianist Ruben Fernandez Aguirre, talented pianist who, with an elegant and careful touch, almost with closed eyes knew how to perceive each and every one of the modulations of the Spanish singer's voice.
Y.D. (Infosoir Arts & Cultur)

Recital con el barítono David Menéndez en el Ciclo “Vive la lírica” de Telde (Gran Canaria)


Ruben Fernandez Aguirre is a great pianist with a generous technique and a thousand and one resources to highlight vocal dynamics and scope and his own expressiveness: a key factor in the discovery in the Canaries of a great Spanish singer.
G.García-Alcalde (La Provincia)

Recital con la soprano Isabel Rey y el bailarín Ángel Corella en el Palau de la Música de Barcelona


The unanimous vote of an audience that did not hide its enthusiasm for the performance and heaped praises on the protagonists of the event, which also included pianist Ruben Fernandez Aguirre, meticulous accompanist.
Marcelo Cervelló (Ópera Actual Magazine, March)

Recital con el barítono Carlos Álvarez en el Teatro Villamarta de Jerez


... and what about the piano accompanist, the singular Ruben Fernandez Aguirre? A degree of expressive communion between soloist and pianist rarely seen on stage, such an absolute understanding and complicity, "good vibes" in short. You can tell that Fernandez does not merely stick to supporting the singer and reading the score with more or less rigour, but he wants to get involved emotionally in the interpretation, wants to live it in all its dimensions. Moreover, he wants to convey his experience, by creating a suitable climate to express in the most incisive, finest and deepest possible manner both levels of the work: musical text and poetic text.
Ignacio Sánchez Quirós (Scherzo Magazine, April)

Recital con el barítono Carlos Álvarez en el I Festival de Zarzuela de Santiago de Compostela


The long-awaited concert of Carlos Alvarez in Santiago de Compostela had the extraordinary attraction of a pianist accompanist who stands up to any comparison with the greatest. Ruben Fernandez Aguirre is responsible for half of the success of the concert, no more and no less. Things without him would have been completely different. But let's not give a story of what was not, but an account of a recital of one of the best baritones in the world and one of the best pianist accompanists of the time.
Half of the success of Ruben Fernandez Aguirre is the part speaking about an amazing pianist. Without trying to outshine Alvarez, he showed the true role of an accompanist, which is so often denied to us. In addition to an absolute technical mastery, Rubén Fernández sings with the baritone and is flexible when the music calls for it but also energetic and mechanical when necessary. Every introduction to a piece was an exercise in exacerbated musicality and at all times the tension was kept up. For years Carlos Alvarez hasn't given any recitals with piano, if he ever did, but with a pianist like this he may decide to do it more often. Three encores ended a great party.
Enrique Sacau (

Recital con el tenor José Ferrero en el Club Diario Levante de Valencia


Fernandez Aguirre and Ferrero obtain this fusion from an intellectual, expressive and sound blending of priceless beauty. The chamber music performed by these two young musicians should be classified and given the highest aesthetic rating because of the relentless pursuit in rendering the true meaning, the stylistic rigour and dramatic colour that each of the Schumann songs, sometimes short and concise, needs.
José Luis Galiana (Diario Levante)

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