Rubén Fernández Aguirre


On May 5th 2010 the prestigious magazine ÓPERA ACTUAL was so kind to distinguish me with their Award as Best Young Performer (first time it was awarded to a pianist devoted to singers). It was a very special and moving day. Not only the award ceremony took place at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, close to my own home and sorrounded by my family and friends, but even more I shared this honour with my dearest Emilio Sagi (Ópera Actual Award for his artistic trajectory) and ABAO, Bilbao Association of Opera Friends (Ópera Actual for their Project Tutto Verdi).

The starting point of these awards goes back to 2002, that was the 10th anniversay of ÓPERA ACTUAL. The purpose of these awards is to support and highlight artists and institutions who, with their effort and commitment have strongly contributed to the promotion and dissemination of the opera in the Spanish society. Therefore these awards go to internationally recognized artists, institutions promoting the opera and young Spanish performers.
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